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Anonymous sent: What should I do if I like a girl because I want to make her happy but I have no idea what to do

Just try a lot of different things and you will eventually figure out a way to make her happy! 


he 2 lame 4 dem


Anonymous sent: You and Kevin have the most cutest relationship. I look up to you both.

Thank you ;v; 

Anonymous sent: I go to therapy for my anxiety, and my therapist also does work with trich. Trich(.)org is a great site and the store has those spinning rings. One of my tick things is nail and skin picking and the rings have helped a lot. I'm proud of you <3

Same, except I can’t go as often now since I am moving. Gonna miss my doctor ;v; ! I was looking at getting a spinning ring a while ago! c: They seemed pretty cool and I do wear rings sometimes. I have some tangle band things that I played with in school, and I also wore mittens at night sometimes.

Thank you ;v; Hehehehe. ♥ 

Anonymous sent: How long have you and kevin been together?

A little over 8 months. c:

(Sorry for no cute anime gifs, I am on my laptop in a hotel hehehe)



Just finished watching the fault in our stars and this is what is left in the cinema. Most emotional experience of my life, I have never heard a movie theatre cry so much. Definitely would recommend to anyone, but make sure you bring tissues. Omg I can’t even explain it though just watch watch watch

this is disgusting, i cant believe you would jerk off in a movie theatre 
Anonymous sent: How did you and Kevin meet?

We met on Twitter, I was a fan of his and drew fanart and stuff. Somehow I grabbed his attention (I dunno how honestly), and he tried talking to me over Twitter. I was really oblivious though, and eventually he resorted to League and we exchanged Skype contact info and here we are todaaaaay.


Anonymous sent: Does that mean kevin has trich

Kevin doesn’t have trich, you can’t catch trichotillomania. He has helped me SO much with it and I am so grateful to have him in my life. I’ve grown all my eyelashes back and almost my eyebrows thanks to his support. 


is she wearing crocs